Cellulite Reduction

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  • Duration: 30-45 Minutes

Cellulite Reduction and treatments is one of the most common summertime topics. New creams and cures appear in every woman\'s magazine and \"quick fixes\"

abound on the Internet. Surprisingly, very little objective scientific research has been done on this common cosmetic affliction. Most \"junk science\" theories are based on little more than opinion, repeated online until they are eventually regarded as fact. That was until a team of clinical researchers took a hard look at the causes – and cures – of cellulite. The researchers came up with surprising results that contradicted the prevailing wisdom.

Cellulite is mainly caused – not only by fat – but by collagen. Collagen is the protein responsible for keeping the skin smooth and elastic. When collagen weakens, the skin collapses and allows fat to protrude upwards, creating the familiar details.

What does this finding mean? Cellulite can be reduced by tightening skin. 

Using ultrasounds that evaluate collagen levels, Dr. Fink and his group noticed a significant drop in the level of collagen of areas that have cellulite, as compared to unaffected areas. In a pilot study, they used Intense Pulsed Light, a presently available therapy, to stimulate collagen production and improve the condition.   Unlike other therapies, the results of this treatment last about a year. In an attempt to further improve the outcome, Dr. Fink and his team applied a cosmetic compound called “DermaFirm”. While using DermaFirm and Intense Pulsed Light, the results of the treatment seemed to be even better as compared to using the light based therapy alone. The great majority of subjects had a 50-75% improvement and the results seem to last for a year. Their results are consistently supported by skin ultrasound studies, which have shown a significant improvement in the levels of collagen.

When asked if anybody can do this treatment, he said “Yes. As long as they are trained with IPL systems. However, I can’t swear that all IPL systems will give the same results that we had with the Quadra Q4. [DermaMedUSA makes the Quadra Q4. Dr.Fink does not have a financial interest in the company].      

       About the author of this article: Joshua Fink, M.D., and his team of clinical researchers spent three years investigating cellulite. Their results will be published in the fall issue of The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. For more information about Dr. Fink and his research please visit: www.centerforcellulitereduction.com

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