Love beer but hate the belly


Love beer but hate the belly? Non-Invasive surgical fat reduction and skin tightening at The Medical Spa Laser,anti-aging & weight loss center in Henderson, NV can kill up to 6 inches of unwanted fat anywhere on the body with using a non-invasive (surgery free) body shaping technique that reduces volume by eliminating cellulite and localized fat deposits in the abdomen, hips, flanks, arms, inner thighs and knees.

The ultrasound heads will generate millions of air bubbles targeted towards the fat cell membrane which will break up instantly under high pressure. Broken fat cells will then be absorbed and metabolized out of human body through the lymphatic system. Unlike the traditional method that only eliminates water from the body, the cavitation acts directly on the fat cells.

The ultrasonic wave will then also stimulate skin tissue to improve the permeability of the membrane to rebuild collagen. Ultrasounds generate frictional heat that accelerate blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and decompose the cellulite to break down excess fat. This machine utilizes sonic vibrations to reduce lines, leaving the skin firm and smooth.

Many clients compare it to a heated massage and they love the results!

Please contact us to learn more about our treatments for men.

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