About Us

Medical Spas are quickly becoming the facility of choice among men and women seeking rejuvenating skin care procedures. At The Medical Spa in Henderson, NV not only are our customers treated with the best that technology has to offer, they also are given expert consultations from our skilled staff. Our trend-setting spa-like facility, combined with our friendly staff, are all you need for the best skin care experience ever.

The Medical Spa Laser, anti-aging & weight loss center in Henderson, NV facility offer FDA-approved procedures such as Laser Hair Removal, IPL-Skin Rejuvenation, Chemical Peels, Facial and Leg Vein Treatment. We work only with the most advanced laser and intense pulsed light equipment to achieve your desired results.

Our staff is one of our most valued assets. They have been trained in a culture of warmth, friendliness, and customer service. Everything at The Medical Spa is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, even our business hours are flexible to adjust to your needs. Making you look great and feel amazing is what we are here for!

Our staff includes a Weight & Fat Loss Specialist, Anti-Aging Specialist, Laser & IPL Specialists, Estheticians with varying specialties, and facility managers and patient advisors. They all have many years of experience in Non-Invasive cosmetic procedures, Advanced Aesthetic Beauty Treatments, Skin Care and Weight Management and Nutrition.

Our highly trained and experienced specialists will provide you with all the information and advice you require to make informed decisions about the treatments we offer. They will guide you through the procedures from your first consultation through and through all your after care.

THE Medical Spa is a trusted, registered medical spa. We specialize in technologically advanced, non-invasive treatments for permanent hair reduction, corrective and skin rejuvenation treatments, and Non-Invasive Liposuction treatments.

Our facility offers a unique environment in which you will experience advanced medical aesthetic treatments. THE Medical Spa itself provides a relaxing and comforting, yet pristine and clinical environment in which our clients can enjoy the wide-ranging services we offer, Located in the heart of Henderson, NV at Sunridge Heights. Investing in some of the highest quality; FDA approved and technologically advanced special equipment in order to provide safe and effective results. Treatments range from Permanent Hair Reduction, Non- invasive Liposuction, Skin Tightening, Photo Rejuvenation and much more, all performed by our team of highly trained specialists.

The driving force behind THE Medical Spa is its highly-motivated partners, staff, and Founder/ CEO, “Christopher A. Gray, who has extensive experience in the Non- Invasive surgery industry, currently an Associate of the, American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, Inc. Christopher holds multiple certificates of completion for a wide range of Non-Invasive Surgical treatments as he continues to maximize his education in advanced Non-Invasive technology”.

The “team” at THE Medical Spa is highly qualified with Certified Certificates of Completion in the Non-Invasive Surgery industry, with endless hours of trained experience, holding a Core of Knowledge qualification relating to the safe use of lasers and IPLs, being fully qualified. Accessibility, training, technology, and safety, is key to the development of our exceptional Medical Spa. Client satisfaction is always at the heart of our service.


All clients are given a full non-obligatory consultation to determine their suitability and are then recommended an appropriate treatment with clear expectations to ensure clients achieve their desired results.