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Say goodbye to messy waxing and daily shaving. Our treatment uses the latest Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology which is a safe and long-term solution to unwanted, excessive hair for both men and women.

Say goodbye to the effects of sun damage, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and more. With the innovative Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacial procedure, gentle skin rejuvenation is now easier than ever.

Although it is generally a temporary condition, severe acne can leave a scar problem that can last a lifetime. A cosmetic dermatologist can provide a variety of procedures for acne scar removal or reduction. Microdermabrasion, deep chemical peels, and laser skin resurfacing have all been shown to effectively reduce or eliminate acne scars. The right acne scar removal treatment for each patient depends on the degree of acne scarring, skin type, and other factors. A cosmetic dermatologist can recommend the procedure that is best for you.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Goes beyond traditional creams and major surgeries to improve sun-damaged skin and other facial concerns safely and effectively with minimal down time or interference with an active lifestyle.

For some, freckles are considered to be cute angel kisses, however for those who find them a nuisance Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment is extremely effective. IPL treatment removes the discoloration caused by the freckles without harming the surrounding skin.

At The Medical Spa anti-aging & weight loss center in Henderson, NV, Non-surgical Ultrasonic Body Contouring treatments for the body can trim inches from the thighs, stomach, and arms; they can significantly minimize the appearance of cellulite; and can even make the skin appear more tightened and toned. These treatments require little downtime, making them a great choice for patients that can't take time off of work.

Pigmented lesions such as age spots or freckles can be successfully lightened or removed with our IPL application.

The Medical Spa Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) tattoo removal procedure is a similar process to Q-Switched laser tattoo removal, but there are some quite important differences between the two methods.

IPL delivers a concentrated pulse of light which heats and damages blood vessel walls, shrinking the targeted veins and making them disappear. Because the light is concentrated and focused, IPL treatment does not damage surrounding tissue.

Sun spots, also known as liver spots or age spots, are the result of long-term exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. These flat, brownish patches appear on areas of the body most often exposed to the sun – especially the face, hands, and arms. Though sun spots are benign, they are unsightly and are often accompanied by other types of sun damage such as rough skin and wrinkles. In some cases, sun spots obscure the presence of skin cancer.

Injectable skin fillers have added new dimensions to the field of cosmetic dermatology, allowing new forms of facial rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment without surgery. Injectable skin and wrinkle fillers are used to increase tissue volume (as with lip augmentation), reduce wrinkles, and improve skin’s overall contour.

Ultrasonic Body Contouring, is the latest, minimally invasive way of contouring the body.

The treatment is aimed as an alternative for women and men who want effective removal of excess fat cells without surgery, and focuses on the abdomen, inner and outer thighs (saddle bags) and flanks (love handles).

Ultrasonic liposuction, UAL, or Non-Invasive Liposuction is a procedure that uses high-pitched sound waves to liquefy fat in a specific area before it is removed.

Cellulite Reduction and Treatments is one of the most common summertime topics. New creams and cures appear in every woman's magazine and "quick fixes" abound on the Internet. Surprisingly, very little objective scientific research has been done on this common cosmetic affliction.

Wrinkles develop naturally on the skin over time. Eventually, everyone gets wrinkles. Wrinkles form as the skin ages and its underlying structure begins to break down.

Our skillful aestheticians use only the best products for your facial. USA Skincare at its finest. We thoroughly research our formulations as all of our products are used by the professional beauty therapist.

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