Triton Nutrition strictly adheres to the provision of quality nutritional products that support or enhance the physical and mental aspects of athletic performance and recovery. The products are compliant with standards required by the UIL, NCAA, IOC, and even the US military and professional sports organizations. Supplementation must be legal, proper, safe, and effective and Triton Nutrition aims to focus on developing products as well as guidelines for their use which military personnel, athletic trainers, coaches, and team physicians will feel confident recommending. The athlete, trainee, and active military specialist are often left with the sole responsibility of deciding on nutritional supplementation. Many, if not most athletes, lack education in the area of nutritional supplementation and rely solely on uneducated recommendations from fellow athletes or sensational product advertisements in magazines and on the Internet, sometimes producing disastrous consequences. Many athletes use nutritional supplements.
Each supplement provided by Triton Nutrition contains pharmaceutical-grade nutritional ingredients produced under either GMP or cGMP guidelines (noted on product descriptions) to ensure that the individual components are the most absorbable and metabolically useful forms for the body and provided in amounts that are safe yet clinically meaningful for even the most extreme athlete or soldier. Each supplement has been designed under the guidance of our professionally-trained staff of experts in clinical nutrition as well as those with service in the most elite units of the US military. Triton Nutrition products are guaranteed to maintain compliance with US military guidelines as well as the specific governing bodies of organized sports. By providing pharmaceutical-grade nutrition we believe subjects will quickly feel the difference in athletic performance as the body will benefit from faster recovery and the mind will realize better “focus”. Improved educational outcomes, increased cognitive precision, decreased reaction time, and superior workout recovery are some of the benefits that quality supplements from Triton Nutrition will provide. We have combined our efforts and experience in athletics and extreme military operations to choose the necessary products that provide each athlete with effective nutritional products for any type of military training or sport.

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