Nick Hardwick

NFL Center - San Diego Chargers

"As a professional football player for the past 9 years, I've been physically beat to shreds. The only way to keep succeeding at a high level is to provide my body with the proper supplementation that allows me to recover quickly, rest fully, and continue to make positive gains physically. I've been taking Triton Nutrition supplements for the past year and have noticed a marked difference in the depth of my sleep, which helps me recover completely. Noticeable strength gains have been made late in my career, which is difficult to do. And, overall, I've felt healthier and able to push myself further than I had prior to being on these top end supplements. I've taken other supplements throughout my career, but once switching to Triton's products, my body started making changes for the better."

The Chargers' Lineman of the Year in 2011 and 2012, and a member of the Chargers 50th Anniversary All-Time Team, Hardwick has long been a steadying force as the senior member of the team's offensive line.

Hardwick was one of only two linemen to start every game last season on a line that saw three different starting left tackles, and two different starters at both left guard and right tackle. He now heads into his 10th NFL season in 2013 having started 50 straight games at center and a total of 119 for his career.

With all the accolades, it's hard to believe that just four seasons ago in 2009, Hardwick suffered an ankle injury so severe that it nearly ended his career. He missed 13 games that season, but returned in time for a late-season push to the playoffs and he hasn't missed a game since. Charged with calling out the blocking schemes and making changes at the line of scrimmage, Hardwick shares a close bond with quarterback Philip Rivers.

When Hardwick returned from the ankle injury and started all 16 games for the NFL's No. 1 ranked offense in 2010, teammates honored him with a share of the team's Emil Karas Memorial Award as its most inspirational player.

A Pro Bowl selection in 2006, Hardwick has been a starter since his rookie season (2004). The Chargers have rushed for at least 1,700 yards in all but one season that he has started at least 12 games, including a team-record 2,578 yards in 2006.

Hardwick has been involved in a number of charitable causes throughout his career, but his main devotion is to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation (MCLEF), an organization that raises money to provide advanced education for the children of Marines and law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. In his free time, Hardwick enjoys reading, drawing and spending time at the beach with his family, wife Jayme and sons Hudson and Theodore.


Shawn Alladio

Pro Racer/Boat Safety Instructor

"Knowledge ignored is selfish, and my life is not a selfish endeavor, it is one driven by family, leadership and the pursuit of excellence. I believe Triton Nutrition embodies this."

Triton Nutrition’s products were introduced to me by my friend Rico Ebetino. I’ve had the pleasure of working in similar Navy circles as his background and trust is earned. He told me his experience with his health concerns and I listened. What I heard was a story of not giving up on a search to refine a better way of health and stability. I’ve pushed my body beyond its original core design as a female and at my age I am aware I need to begin taking care of this. Which I have not done before, I’ve just driven myself hard. Hearing his story inspired me to take a harsh look at my own welfare. What I like most about Triton Nutrition was that it worked in Rico’s situation and from that I was convinced that I would also search the benefits and I did. It didn’t take long for me to feel in my body what Rico was trying to describe to me. His experience became my own. I would not have engaged if I did not know Rico, and I am thankful for this.

My perceptions prior regarding nutritional supplements were negative. I have a strong avoidance of anything that comes outside of nature itself especially if it’s from a work out regime or dietary supplement form. I’ve been of the mindset that for thousand of years humans got along in the natural scheme of nature, so why now? I eat raw and healthy, pretty pure, but even so Earth and nutrients, exposure are changing my mindscape and my attitude. I’m a realists and reality is everywhere, things have changed, so I believe I need to address these changes and my nutrition is paramount. If my flesh is not healthy, I cannot produce, and in my world this is my first need. If I am not healthy, I cannot work, I cannot strive or drive harder to excel, I cannot lead in my training and this is something I cannot afford if I can manage it, why would I ignore this part of my life essence?

My perception changed as I entered the menopausal timeline of my life. My hormones and body are naturally following suit, prepare for aging, preparing for death. My mind is functioning on the level of a much younger relationships than my body is entertaining. I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid of not taking care of myself, not being responsible for my well being and Triton Nutrition is helping me with this. I’ve partnered with Triton Nutrition to make sure my near years are as exceptional as is possible with the experience of Rico, and Robert’s knowledge, I’m going to tap into their knowledge as much as I can and learn about my body’s changing phases. Knowledge ignored is selfish, and my life is not a selfish endeavor, it is one driven by family, leadership and the pursuit of excellence. I believe Triton Nutrition embodies this.

I have been recommending Triton Nutrition to everyone I know. I’ve been sharing supplements and purchasing for my friends. I am amazed at how few people take their health to heart. It is a shock to lose one’s health, when it suddenly becomes real it is too late. Triton Nutrition for me represents my love of self, my love of life and giving to life everything I have, for the time left. I want to do better, strive harder and remain innovative and from this time is so important, and what is time if you don’t have your health? It’s a total loss. Triton Nutrition is for everyone. My 9 year old daughter and I both enjoy the Vital Vegan Protein in our daily fruit shakes. She’s got a strong push already for her entire life and good patterns are being set now and taught to her from the start. This is also a parents’ responsibility to take their children’s well being to heart and it begins with what we feed our body, we feed our souls.

Triton Nutrition is designed for every age and background. It’s not for the elite, or for the pretty pictures or athletes, it’s for humanity. We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves. We save money, we stay away from the doctor, we are more productive, we are inspired if we are healthy. You have to fight for this, you have to protect your health and monitor it. I advise everyone to take the blood test and have Robert evaluate your nutritional needs and keep at it. You deserve this. I deserve it. Taking chances with our health should not be left up to doctors but should be our full responsibility. It will require of you effort and expense, but the results will compensate you far more through the years and in the moment than wasting your time. And wasted time is wasted life. Why would you want less out of your life? Why wouldn’t you want the best for your body and mind as you do from a paycheck or a new vehicle or a vacation? I don’t have time for people or excuses that are weak. Weakness is not health. Strength is doing the right thing in every given moment, that’s why I need Triton Nutrition. I know who I am and what I want to do. Ask yourself the same.


Warren Rosegreen

Trainer, former Harlem Globetrotter and UNLV forward

"I want to perform well at all times."

Warren works hard on the court and proves it by dominating when it comes to rebounds, in spite of his 6"4" height. Although he's not playing professionally anymore, he wants to stay in great shape. He has a 1 yr old son and predicts that he'll be working out with his son well into his 50's. When we asked about the benefits of the Triton products he uses, he said, "With the nutrition program I'm on with Triton, I'm able to train at a high level." Warren also serves as a mentor to a group of young players.

Michele Vieux

Former CrossFit Games Athlete & Invictus Coach

I am fortunate enough to work in a facility that receives free stuff - including supplements - all the time. I thought this was awesome and was totally taking advantage of it until I had the chance to sit down with the guys from Triton for a little education. I now choose to pay for my supplements instead of use the freebies. Turns out, I was taking way too many unnecessary products and - unbeknownst to me - most of them weren't even being absorbed by my body because they weren't of the bioavailable variety or had a bunch of fillers and things you wouldn't expect to find on the ingredient list.

The fact that Rico sat down to listen to my needs and truly educate me on what to take and when along with explaining how it all works under the hood was a step above and beyond. The guys at Triton take the time to really teach their clients and make sure all aspects of their health and nutrition plans are in order instead of just pushing a "magic pill" like so many are looking to buy, which is highly unusual in this industry.

My favorite Triton product - and one that I was surprised to notice immediate results with - is Estro Shield. I'd never considered taking a product like this before because 1) I didn't realize I needed to; and 2) Hearing the words "Testosterone-Estrogen" balance sounded like certain banned products - something I have to watch out for myself and my athletes. And from talking to others, I think many people don't understand why estrogen is bad and that women need testosterone. I know that my perception about the need for Estro Shield has changed and now I realize now how many sources of estrogen are out there damaging us.

Due to a series of injuries in the past couple years, I haven't been able to workout and lift like I'm used to but I've GAINED about 7 pounds of lean muscle mass in the 6 months since starting to take Estro Shield. I also notice a huge difference with inflammation and pain caused by it, especially with my knee and hip arthritis. A couple weeks ago, I tweaked my calf running and doubled up on the Estro Shield. Instead of my pee being bright red like it would have normally been with this amount, I could tell my body was absorbing it for the injury - a sure sign of a high quality product. I also noticed an improvement with my sex drive. I got off the pill about a year ago and my hormones were totally out of whack - my periods were irregular and by sex drive was down. Estro Shield reversed these effects.

I recommend Estro Shield to ALL of my clients, especially the competitive athletes who are looking for that slight edge and I always send them to Rico and Robert to get educated before they are allowed to purchase ANY products!

Nikka Wahl

Dancer, singer, actress, Pilates enthusiast

"Working out is important, not only to keep a healthy mind and body, but it's vital to my career."

Nikka is a dancer, singer and actress in a Broadway musical on the Las Vegas Strip. She plays a lead role in 8 shows per week and her workouts include Pilates 3 times per week and Barre 4 to 5 times per week. About Triton, she said, "My goals for my supplement regime were: to get increased energy, better brain function, faster muscle recovery and an overall sense of well-being and health. Triton Nutrition delivered just that"


Jeromey Clary

NFL Lineman - San Diego Chargers

"Nutrition is really important in the NFL because it's a lot of beating on your body, you go through a pounding every week for 16 weeks straight. Maintaining a good nutrition regimen with Triton Nutrition has kept me at the top of my game. Their products are clean, pharmaceutical-grade and they really help me recover."

The second-longest tenured player on the Chargers' offensive line, Jeromey Clary switched from tackle to guard in 2012 and he has excelled. Clary started 14 games in 2012 and 46 of the last 48 games at right tackle, but with the arrival of top draft choice D.J. Fluker, the coaches have asked Clary to slide over to guard and serve as a mentor for the rookie right tackle.

Clary became a starter late in the 2007 season. A reserve for most of the year, the coaches inserted him into the starting lineup at right tackle in early December to give the team's struggling running game a spark. Over the final five games, the Chargers rushed for 880 yards, scored eight touchdowns and went 5-0. Clary's ascencion into the starting lineup helped the Bolts capture the AFC West title en route to a berth in the AFC Championship Game.

Clary was the Chargers' winner of the Ed Block Courage Award in 2010 after recovering from a serious ankle injury in 2009 that required surgery. He came back from the injury and played every snap during the 2010 and 2011 seasons and in July 2011, the Chargers rewarded him with a new four-year contract.

Clary has now spent the better part of the last five full seasons in the Chargers' starting-11. During that time, the Bolts have averaged 1,657 rushing yards per season and scored 68 rushing touchdowns. Furthermore, Clary and his mates along the offensive line have given Philip Rivers time to pass for more than 3,500 yards and 25 touchdowns in each of those five seasons.

Clary likes country music. His favorite artist is The Zac Brown Band. His hobbies include golf and spending time with his family at San Diego's beaches and amusement parks. Clary and his wife, Breanna, have two sons, Cannon and JJ.

Matt V

Michigan SWAT sniper and Deputy Sherriff

"As a SWAT team member, I can't have an off day. I have to be there, physically and mentally, every time I clock in. If I have an off day, that can result in someone not coming home to their family, and that's unacceptable."

Matt is at the gym 3 to 4 times a week, he is a cyclist and has done Brazillian Jujitsu for 8 years. He is as intense with his fitness as he is with his job. It's not about looking good for Matt, it's about being ready, at any moment, for any scenario.


Steve Boe

Owner of Boe Boxing, Physical trainer

"With Triton Nutrition supplements, we've seen a dramatic increase, not only in sports performance, but shedding body fat and our athletes have been leaner, stronger and have had better endurance."

Steve is the owner of a Boe Boxing and is committed to excellence. He personally tests any supplements and training regimine before recommending it to his clients. He was skeptical at first, but now is excited about the improvements he's seen with clients using Triton Nutrition products. He trains professional athletes from 7 to 10 hours a day. "At the end of the day, I'm pretty beat up and sore, and these supplements have really helped me recover."

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